Modifier keys

Hold Alt/Option (⌥) while dragging to snap the clock time to 5-minute intervals. Hold Shift (⇧) while dragging to snap the countdown time to 5-minute intervals.

Undo & Redo

You can undo changes by using the default OS X shortcuts ⌘ + Z, and redo with ⌘ + ⇧ + Z.

Cancel Reminder

While you are still dragging you can drag back upwards to cancel your reminder. If you have the little description window open already then you can press ESC to cancel it.
If the setting “Open Gestimer at login” doesn’t work then you can add Gestimer to the login items in System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login items.   Use the little ‘+’-button or drag Gestimer from Finder (/Applications folder) to add Gestimer to the login items.
A future update will allow you to change the notification sound. For now you might find it useful to enable the option to flash your screen when you get an alert. Open System Preferences > Accessibility > Audio: Flash screen
By default, Gestimer displays notifications in the top right corner with the default notification sound. However Focus modes such as Do Not Disturb or Sleep may prevent notifications from being presented.  

Apple Reminders Notifications

If you have the option ‘Sync with Apple Reminders‘ enabled, then you will start receiving notifications from Apple Reminders instead of Gestimer to avoid two notifications for the same reminder. Therefore please check your notification settings for System Preferences > Notifications & Focus > Apple Reminders.  

Gestimer Notifications

If you would like to see notifications even during Focus modes enabled, for the time being as a workaround you can add Gestimer to the list of apps to allow notifications from:Allow Notifications in Focus modes  
And just to be sure, check your settings in System Preferences > Notifications & Focus > Gestimer:
Screenshot 2015-06-29 10.18.10
Check your settings in System Preferences > Sounds.  Your output device might be incorrect or your alert volume may be at a low setting. Notification SoundsScreenshot 2015-07-24 16.45.39
Reminders may take a few minutes to synchronize. Since the app writes to the Reminders database, Gestimer has no control over when reminders are synchronised. Double-check that you have the Sync using Reminders option enabled under Gestimer’s settings.
Gestimer is for short-term reminders, things you want to quickly forget about, i.e. for reminders within the next 5–8 hours. Calendar or todo apps are better suited for tasks that occur in the longer-term. Additionally, increasing this limit would make it difficult to set accurate reminders.
Currently, you have to create a new reminder and delete the old one. A future update will allow you to edit an existing reminder. Editing reminders needs to be fun (just like the app itself) which is why implementing this takes a bit longer.
No problem. In that case you need to contact Apple. This might be helpful.

If you have any feedback or find any problems then please get in touch with us.